[SOLVED] Betting with negative points

Not sure if this is a bug. If I’m wrong, please feel free to change the category

Last night, we tried (for the first time) running the trivia game with wrong answers losing points via the reducing points timer. We also used the points wager feature once per round. I had several players tell me that there was something odd that would happen if we reached a wager question while they were negative points. Some said they could place a wager in one round but not in others. A few said they could wager each round while negative. Some said they could never wager while in negative points.

Wondering if someone could explain the expected behavior in the situation where a points wager question comes up but the player is in a negative score situation.


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Hi @dandeibert, thank you for this report. The expected and current behavior when coming across a Points Wager question with a negative score would not allow a player to wager any points at all. (i.e. Players would only see “0” on the wagering box and all wager shortcuts would display zero points.)

Do you happen to recall if the players who were able to wager while having a negative score ended up with their wagered points added to their score (if answered correctly)?

Please feel free to email our Help Desk at help@crowdpurr.com with any further information or details you can provide.

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I did not learn about it until after the game so I’m not aware of the change in actual score after the answer was revealed.

Not sure if this is along the same lines but from last night’s game…

A couple of players told me that on wager questions (we did 2 per round), they wagered but then didn’t answer quickly enough… so they did not record an answer. Their display told them they got the question correct (green) AND that they won their wagered points.

I looked at the data from the game… on the wager questions that the didn’t answer, it shows a no answer and zero points.

Also an issue that they wagered points, didn’t answer the question, and didn’t lose points.

If you wager, but don’t answer the question, you’ll indeed not lose any points. Whenever a player doesn’t answer a trivia question in Crowdpurr (points wager or not) there is no loss of points. It’s marked as incorrect on their device, but they will never lose points.

This is a design choice we made some time ago that we are working on correcting. So in the future, a non-answer will be a true incorrect answer and will suffer any lost points/wager that should happen.

To confirm with Jemma above, if a player has negative points, they will not be allowed to wager any points. It will display zero in the wager field and it will be locked.They can still answer, and answer correctly, but they will not win any points as long as they are negative.

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@RossN , that is not what is happening.

I just did a couple of tests. Players with negative points ARE allowed to wager. The “won” points are not being added into the score, which is correct, but players are indeed allowed to wager.

In fact, something very weird happens. Here is what I just did in a quick test round. Question 5, I was -101 points. Question 6 was a wager question and when I advanced to question 6, my score changed from -101 to 32 points. The “default” wager was 16. I answered the question correctly and when the answer was revealed, my points were back to -101.

So, it seems that it is correctly NOT adding the points to the score but it appears to a player that they can and are wagering.

Hi @dandeibert, thanks for your patience!

Our team has just released an update containing several points wagering bug fixes such as to address this specific bug where points wagering was not correctly adding up negative points prior to a wager question.

For more details on this latest update release, please check out this forum thread: Official Version Updates - #30 by RossN

Please feel free to try the points wagering feature out again and please do not hesitate to reach out if you’re experiencing the same wagering issue.


You guys are the best! Thanks for all of your work on the new features!

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