[SOLVED] Polling Question Bug?

Polling questions seem to be starting automatically, even though “automatically start question” is turned off.

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I just tested and am not seeing this. Did you try refreshing your Mobile View after updating the setting? Not all settings updates from the Experience Dashboard reflect instantly in real-time on the Mobile View (something we’ve been wanting to change actually).

If you still have issues, please email your experience code to help@crowdpurr.com.

Yeah, I did. I just created a new poll and it’s not doing it so I’m sure it’s some weird setting/glitch on a specific poll I created last week… because on that poll, it’s still doing it.

I’ll send it in via email so you can take a look. :slight_smile:


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We were able to reproduce it, pardon my earlier doubts! :stuck_out_tongue: When using a poll with Use Question Timer enabled and Automatically Start Question disabled, the first question’s timer incorrectly kicks off upon starting the poll.

This is now fixed in our 3.4.2 update.