Trivia - late join creating a question loop

I have set up a trivia game that has the crowd controlled and for it to auto start again so we can have people through the entire event joining at any time and answering the timed questions.

The problem is as I’m testing if I have my desktop playing and then my phone joins a question or two later my phone gets stuck in a loop of questions. It almost seems like it misses a question and has to go through all the questions again until it reaches the one I wasn’t asked. But in the meantime, it also shows me a pop up that I have already submitted the answer to a question.

Hi @marketing, we’re sorry to hear you experienced this issue.

As far as joining a Crowd Controlled Mode game but missing a question, it sounds like the specific web browser may be stuck on a previous version of the Crowdpurr app as we have been able to reproduce this issue. In this case, we recommend clearing out your web browser’s cache to load the latest version of the app.

In regards to a pop-up indicating you have already submitted the answer to a question, would you be able to describe the steps you had taken on the specific Mobile View prior to the message displaying? Alternatively, please feel free to email our Help Desk at with further details and the specific Experience Code for the game you are encountering this issue in.