Status of bug fix for points wager/lose points feature

Users of your software have been complaining for 2 years about a bug when you use the points wager or lose points for wrong answer feature. If a team doesn’t submit an answer to a points wager question or a question the host has pre-set to lose points for wrong answers, those teams never lose any points. That defeats the purpose of having the feature in the first place.

One year ago (March 2023), in response to my complain about this bug, Ross said a fix would happen ASAP.

What is the timeline to fix this bug?


Hi @gnip. Thanks for checking in on this. Indeed, this has been on our radar for some time. It’s something we keep punting down field because 1) there’s bigger fish to fry and 2) it’s quite difficult to fix due to how our system is designed.

We’ve been working on several longstanding, long-requested issues. The first one we’re getting out is Crowdpurr for Teams which has been in the works for almost two years. Then we can get to this.

I can’t give you a timeline but I’ll meet with our team and we’ll get moving on this.


Thanks for your response.