Points wager and lose points for incorrect answers

When I use the points wager or lose points for incorrect answers features, players have figured out that if they don’t input any answer they are not penalized.

For example on a points wager question, the player will wager points, but then when the question is revealed, if they don’t know the answer the simply don’t answer the question. They lose zero points, and their score remains the same as before the question. The same thing happens when I use the loose points for incorrect answers feature on a question.

Please fix this. It directly affects game play. I would much rather have this bug fixed before you add superficial new features like Winner Reveal Animations That’s a nice feature to add, but it means nothing if the integrity of the game is compromised.


So if I’m understanding your point, I use points wager every week too and I let teams know that they have 3 outcomes to the questions, answer right and win however many points wagered, answer incorrectly lose that amount of points or if you want to play safe you may pass on the question for neither reward or punishment. I like this I have to say.


We use “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Copy all on your responses. Thanks for the input.

I actually agree with @gnip. It’s not right that a player can do a huge points wager based on the clue, but then choose not to answer and not lose any points. That defeats the purpose of a points wager IMO.

This is a bug. It’s also a bug that no points are lost if a player doesn’t answer or runs out of time when you have Lost Points When Incorrect enabled.

There’a few other threads on here about this issue. We’re well aware of the issue. It’s somewhat of an involved issue due to the design of how voting works which is why it isn’t not fixed yet.

But, I’ll prioritize this and we’ll get it solved ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

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Thanks for the update, Ross, I l;Ike the updates you are making.

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