Using a Tablet To Run Quiz

hello just wanted to know if you could use a android tablet to run a quiz, have tried team viewer but a little slow and clumsy looking on screen wont show all. I like to mingle with the crowd rather than sat behind a pc welcome ideas or sugestions

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Hi @walesents, great question! As Crowdpurr’s app is completely web-based, I’m happy to report you can definitely use an android tablet to run a quiz as long as it has a web browser and internet connection. (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

We recommend navigating to on the tablet’s web browser and checking out the interface to get a feel of how Crowdpurr looks in a more compact dimension so you can ultimately become comfortable with hosting your Crowdpurr experiences via a tablet.

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Thank you for speedy reply have tried it on my android and happy, will be going live March 3rd so fingers crossed.