What do your teams/players think of the wager question(s)?

I love the wager question feature.
We have 5 rounds and the final question on each of the first four rounds, players can wager on that last question of the round.
We have had mixed feedback about it. The more dominant teams seem to dislike it. To be honest, I use it to stop them steamrolling all the other teams every week. I’m sure you all have the same experience!
The not-so-dominant teams like it as it gives them a chance and keeps them in the game.

My question is; what feedback have you all received about the wager and what do you think of it yourselves?


Everybody loves it! It keeps everyone in the game.


Same for me. My groups love it. I’ll play some tricks with the wagering by providing a tough sounding category as the glue, like ‘Cartography’ then ask, “what is the area on a map that lists symbols called?”. Sounds hard ,but is super easy.

Usually, I get way more wagers the next time. I’ll be using the Wager for every game I host.
Lurv it.
Jimmie G


I like it, my events like it, but it will have issues. Any time you have “real” trivia players involved, they hate “golden snitch” questions that give other teams a chance to catch them. The only thing you have to consider is where do you make your money? Over the years I have learned that making a fun game, in which any team might catch a break can be VERY lucrative, but teams that are better, and are used to stomping competition will HATE it, since they don’t get a guaranteed win.

If your brand is a super competitive game, where the best teams come to win and you can make money with that, I would reconsider. It’s all up to the crowd.


Hm, interesting insights. :thinking: Good stuff @Hirebruce2day.