Can wagered points also decrease with time?

I love the new wagered points feature!!
We only use it on the final question and lots of teams love it as it keeps everyone in the game.
But…of course, I have received some blowback.
Mainly from teams who dominate each week. They feel as if the entire game hinges upon the last question. So a team who joined later in the game and is in 6th, could simply guess the answer and win. No biggie IMO but well noted.
My suggestion is that you allow wagered points to decrease with time.
By doing this, a team who is near the top who has wagered all of their points on that last question, if they are unsure of the answer, they can merely allow time to tick down (so their wagered points do too) and then answer. So if they got it wrong, at least they didn’t blow all of their points. Or better still, they don’t answer at all and keep whatever points they had.
Or is it possible on the “place bet” screen to allow teams to choose whether the points decrease or not?
Does that make sense?

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If they dont want to wager or lose minimal points, they can just hit “bet none”

Oh wait, they want to able to control their wager AFTER seeing the question. They want to decide after going all in if its worth answering right away because they know it, or delay because they dont and lose less points.
They’re just trying to secure their win based on not knowing the question beforehand. Whoever in your group complained about it are just looking out for themselves to secure the win.


You missed my entire point. Thanks though.

Sorry, lol, thought i figured it out. Hope you are able to come up with a resolve!

A couple of thoughts to overcome this.

  1. Use rounds. I use the “next round” feature and multi-game feature to move from round to round. (This also allows us to give a prize to each round winner). If it’s the last question of a round, yeah, it might hurt a team for that round but the overall score won’t take too bad of a hit.

  2. Don’t make it the last question. In the previous suggestion, I never make the wager question the last question. I try to keep it question 5-8 (10 q’s per round) and change it each round. That way, there is still a chance to earn SOME points for the round if you bet it all. Plus, it’s kind of fun for them to not know which will be the wager question.


@garry I guess I’m not following. How can a team “steal” the game in a points wager if they haven’t earned enough points at the time of the wager to actually steal the game? Meaning… any team that can win on a points wager must have earned enough points already in order to win with a wager. Which to me, seems totally fair.

If a first place team doesn’t want to risk losing, they better wager too, or at least do a hedge wager of some portion of their points.