What's Your Most Requested New Feature?

Well, I was looking forward to this Friday as THE DAY! :sob:

Keyword was hoping :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. It’s coming, I assure you.

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Any updates on wagering points, Ross? Inquiring minds want to know!


We’re working on it this week. That’s all I got. Mr. CEO needs to take a lesson in not over-promising!


On sounds. How about a “Time running out” sound or countdown sound?

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:heart_eyes: Woo HOO!!! Looking forward to checking it out!

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Ross - this is awesome!!
where do we put our suggestions for possible changes/adjustment suggestions?
I have a concern about the wager timer. I just sent a message via the IG page chat but i will put it here as well for all to see.

Is there a way or can there be a way to disable the wager timer or make it longer or have a trigger to start that timer? since this is new to out clients, we will want to take time to explain how the wager question works, but we cannot do so because the timer starts immediately. Right now we are putting a little “w” at the end of the question PRIOR, to warn our host that the next question is a wager question and to explain how it works BEFORE advancing it to the next question.


hey info 3, do you basically put the horses names as the answers and have them bet on the horse to win? There’s no way of giving points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place right?

I just ran through a few test games with the wager system. I agree that a Start To mer button specific to the wager triggering would be great. I will be using the Notes tab tab to explain the Wager system and give a broad topic the question falls under.

It would be nice if the “next question up” could be changed to the topic/category heading of the upcoming wager question.

In some future update it would be cool to see how many points were gained/lost on the wager. Stats are fun, just like the percentage of players that suites answers, it would be nice to see how many players wagered anything, how many went all in, how many played it safe. Not important, but fun banter for a host.

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Thanks for the wager option. A couple of observations. We need a way to let the players know what the wager question CATEGORY will be before we ask them to wager. Otherwise, they are just shooting in the dark. Secondly, the wager question should be on an independent timer. We give them time to wager and then we click to start the timer.


Copy all. All good ideas.

Yes, it sounds like we should add a Points Wager Hint field to the question, then you can set a hint, category, none, etc. that will be shown for points wagering. We’re going to increase the set time for the points wagering window up to fifteen seconds for now. Adding in another button to trigger the points wager timer might be a bit tricky for this first version.


We tried this with some regulars and yeah, the timer is a killer. By the time you move to the next question, people realize they have to come up with a wager, then take the time to actually enter the wager, even the regulars were having problems with this. So, in its current form (understanding it’s beta and in testing and this is exactly why we are doing this), this could never really be presented to an audience that has never played this before.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. as mentioned before, a trigger to start the timer would be almost necessary. (Because the host would need to explain that this question is a wager question, etc. If the host happens to go to the wager question without realizing it… the timer starts…and there is nothing that can be done about it, Lord help the host)
  2. the ability to customize the length of the timer
  3. maybe a few more “quick” wager selections… 25% 50% 75%, etc
  4. something that was mentioned by players… the ability to see the scoreboard (or at least their section of it) while wagering so they know where they are in relation to the leaders and how many points they need to bet to get there

I think this could end up being a real nifty feature. Thanks for continuing to add more options for us.

Agree with all you noted Dan. Until those suggestions are implemented I have the process of adding the Wager category in the notes of the question just before the wager question. Then showing the leaderboard before advancing to the next question (just thought of that, so it’s not tested) this way all players get an explanation of what/how wagering works, the see their score before betting.

The wagering is def going to be a part of all my games moving forward.
Jimmie G


I have been messing with Points Wager, and folks LOVE IT! It looks like the time to wager has been changed to match question time, which is great, and I hope sticks around. To other hosts, I usually put up the leaderboard before the final question, and I verbally tell the crowd what the format, and category are for the final question. I also remind them to decide based on the top scores what they want to wager, and tell them the screen default at 50% of their score, THEN I hit the next slide button. So far I have not had any issues. I LOVE this feature!


I have a workaround. I insert a “dummy” question just before the wager question. Multiple choice with no correct answer. On that page, I lay out the rules. The timer is irrelevant. Then, go to next question which is the wager page.


You sir, are BRILLIANT. :slight_smile:


Aww, man! Thanks! I hope this helps the community with the new points wagering learning curve!

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Wow, I love this, but also cringe that you have to do this. :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll be enhancing the feature.


We do the same thing during our breaks. This gives us the opportunity to announce what’s next in the game. It would be nice to be able to insert a “information” page that does not have a question attached to it! (hint, hint!).