What's Your Most Requested New Feature?

Yeah so what you either tap your own number or hit B for the next bingo ball it has text some so for example if its number 11 it would say legs 11. Or for 22 (two little ducks). Just while we are trying to learn the bingo lingo off by heart.

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Agreed! I always just end up deleting and replacing those questions.

I’m hoping all these features will be added one day and that this poll is only a ‘What would you like to see sooner rather than later’ poll.
Great work guys and great vision, keep it up.


Still not sure I understand what Bingo Lingo is! Right now, you can add hints. All of our library bingo games are built with hints so you can enabled Quiz Mode. Players then see a hint versus the actual called ball.

Our numerical bingo game does NOT have hints, so perhaps, we could add what you’re talking about for the numerical game. Or you can do that as well. But all the other games should allow a “Bingo Lingo” mode by default when you turn on Quiz Mode under Settings → Interface Preferences → Interface Settings

I would like to request to please allow the Export and Import of Question Media and Question Notes.

I often export questions in order to to bulk edit in spread sheets including actions like, reorganize, convert some to text answers, and import back in but lose the question media and notes in the process. This causes me some time to manually hunt for questions that rely on the Question Media for the answer and manually remove them before I import.


Good news! This is already in the works! :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the original post with more details on each “new feature” of the poll!

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Solid, thank you! That is going to save me so much time and really increase the positive experience of my users.

Live Build a Game feature.
Example: you start up a game with some players but there are no questions loaded, zero. Instead of ‘The Game will start in x number of minutes’ screen there is a list of categories. The host let’s everyone know they will each get to pick a category, or two or three.

This action can be set to a timer. Crowdpurr then pulls.qustions from the appropriate categories. Perhaps preselected questions chosen by the host. So there may be 5-10 questions per category. Or all the questions available in Everything but the Bagel. If 50 players choose. The host decides if there is a lot.it to the numbers of questions per category, or if it’s a By Popular demand sort of thing. Since the categories added ate based on a decreasing timer the categories picked the earliest will have the most questions added.

Game Show Presenter had a feature like this in one of it’s Beta releases. It never made it to the alpha program exause of bugs and lack of interest.

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The ability to search the Database for questions would be super helpful!


This is actually pretty tricky to pull off. And just to be honest, the demand isn’t there. We’ve had one or two ask for this, but not as much as other features that are really in demand.

On the other hand, everyone is asking for this since the library has grown so much. So we’ll be adding this very soon.

One way to do this is to have an experience where people can vote for categories… then when the poll is closing, set the “next round” to the experience that contains the winning category, and advance to the next round. That way, you can have all of the quizzes already prepared, and use Crowdpurr to collect the votes.

Now, if Crowdpurr could create an experience that lets people vote for experiences… that seems easy enough? Just have to have enough free slots in your experiences to hold all the choices… :wink:


Perchance, is this in the roadmap already? This is HUGE for me.


Here’s another request… in the “URL bar” on the projector mode, maybe instead of “go to crowd.live and enter code XXXXX” maybe instead put “go to crowd.live/XXXXX” ? I know this is less of an advertisement for your service, but… much cleaner for the user?

Just a thought…


I would love to see multiple point scoring for different answers. Like a family feud scoring ie- top answer worth 5 points next worth 4 points, 3 etc… or maybe an option to live score on a poll or game as answers come in we can score per answer


Actually we used to have it this way. Back then, we found it was way harder for the player to try to type in the “/” then the experience code, often not even knowing what or where the URL bar is. If they just type in crowd.live, either in the URL bar or (more often) in the Google search bar (on an Android) it gets them to the right place, then it’s easy to type in the code.

Most players don’t even know what the URL bar is… so you have to make it really easy. Now, some years later, maybe players are more educated.

And the Integrated Rounds within Single Experience is on the roadmap. Everything is on the roadmap. It’s just a matter of priority!

My number one request is the ability for players to wager points (Final Jeopardy). Second request is the ability to penalize for wrong answers on a per question basis. Set default to “no penalty for wrong answers” but have to ability to override this on specially selected questions.


OMG This! I love this!! I’ve asked in the past for the players to be able to see what amount of points they got correct when they answer their question. This goes right with that! They always have to guess or wait for the scoring to show where they are and do some math. Up and Down arrows would be awesome.

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I e-mailed support about this a few days ago, but thought I’d mention it here. It would be very helpful for me if it was possible to enable the countdown timer when a game is in crowd controlled mode. I want to be able to provide a weekly game that our players can complete on their own time, but without the timer there is no way to prevent cheating.

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Hi @dale. That’s a great suggestion. It’s something we wanted to add some time ago but it’s technically involved. We’ll be circling back to that soon, but in the meantime there is a few “hotter” items cooking.

So one tricky thing about this is if we allow a Basic Team to be “resumed” by a new player signing in, it would allow anyone to “take over” a Basic Team by typing in its name upon signing in. We may have to introduce some kind of PIN number or password to confirm that THAT player is the one who created the Basic Team. Maybe we always require an email or phone number when you want it to work like that.

Another work-around is to just use Advanced Team Mode and set the teams up ahead of time. Then players can rejoin the Advanced Team without a problem. The algorithm for scoring correctly weights the influence based on how many questions were answered.