Wildcard VIP Email?

Is there a way to setup Wildcard VIP for email? So anybody with @domain.com can join?

We have a couple hundred people that MAY play and it would take a few days to put together a list of all attendees so would prefer if we can do it by domain so anybody at the company can play if they choose to attend.

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Hi Kray.

Great idea! It would probably be fairly easy for us to allow anyone with a specific domain (that you specify) to pass and gain entry. It is somewhat insecure tho, as anyone who puts in a fake email with the right domain could gain entry. But if you’re willing to take that risk. Depending on the use-case, a malicious entrant may or may not know the target wildcard domain.

I’ll discuss with the team and report back on how and how quickly we could add something like this.


Thanks Ross!
As it’s trivia, I don’t think there’s a big issue around outside people playing (in our games anyway) just thought it would be an easy to way to do Corporate without needing a specific list of people and still getting the ‘branded’ feel.

Only the host and the person they’re working with would know that it’s only using the last part of the email unless somebody specifically tells players, so should be good!

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Copy all. I’ve added this to our roadmap. It’s something that we should be able to fit into the next update. Great idea.