Answer Text Input Sanitization?

I just want to confirm that Crowdpurr sanitizes submissions (particularly as it relates to text-based answers).

We do a feedback question in the middle of our game and one person wrote, “you should make sure you’re sanitizing your inputs. I had an evil plan to try an SQL injection but I’m too nice”

I figure the inputs are sanitized, but it doesn’t hurt to verify.

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Hi Dale. Yes, we sanitize all text inputs. Participants are unable to perform an SQL injection.

Our database doesn’t use SQL anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: Sounds like someone having some fun.


OK- great. I figured you would not have overlooked this kind of thing, but thought I’d be tempting fate if I didn’t verify. We have been impressed top-to-bottom with Crowdpurr. Thank you for such a great platform!