Family Feud Style Answers

I run a game where I pose silly “Family Feud” style questions and whomever types in the top answer gets the points that decline from 100 to 0 over 60 seconds. I give them a hint at 30 seconds - the first letter of the correct answer.
A sample question is included below.
It would be nice to have multiple correct answers for a question with each assigned a point value. Then they get whatever points their answer is valued at.

Name something people associate with “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.
The top answers are
Christmas: 24
Tiny Tim: 19
Scrooge: 18
Bob Cratchit: 11
Christmas tree: 9
Ghosts: 8
Chains: 6


Hi @Danny1, we actually have this feature coming, but it’s only for multiple-choice questions for now. You’ll be able to assign per-answer points for each multiple-choice answer. We hadn’t thought about text-answer questions, but that could be interesting.

But per-answer points on multiple-choice answer options is just around the corner. :+1:


Do you have an idea when this feature will be available? I like to do questions with certain point values on each answer.

This feature was back-burnered because we didn’t want to release it until we had something that worked for text-answers too - as that’s more “pure” version of Family Feud. Where players actually have to think of the answer and type it in, versus having a multiple-choice set of answers (which would make Family Feud way easier).

We never completed the work on the text-answer support for this as we moved on to more pressing issues.

We’ll probably focus on getting a full Family Feud style feature out in June or July, after our April and May update.