Feature Request: Multi Select for Multiple Choice

I have a question where all the answers are correct. Would be great if players could select all that apply rather than just a single answer.


Yeah, that’s on our future roadmap. Not super high-priority but I’m sure we could add that at some point this year. Especially if the community chimes in here in support.

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Please - is there a way to do multiple answers? like, each correct answer is work a certain point value…wrong answer loses point value etc?

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Welcome, @ryan!

Having the option to assign different point values to individual answer options has definitely been requested in the past, and Ross has actually addressed this specific feature request in the following thread:

Please feel free to add on to the previous thread with any feedback or details you may have regarding your ideal feature.

In the meantime, our team has come out with a revamped Lose Points When Incorrect feature that you may be interested in checking out. Previously, enabling this setting defaulted to decreasing a player’s score by 1/5 of the question’s value if they answer incorrectly. However, there are now several different options you can choose from that determines how many points your players lose whenever they answer incorrectly:

  • None - This is the default setting that will not penalize players for answering incorrectly.
  • Lose Partial Points - When selected, the amount of points lost is one-fifth of the overall points value for the question. So if a question is worth 100 points, a player would lose 20 points if they answer incorrectly.
  • Lose Decreasing Points - This option is only available if the Decreasing Points Timer is also enabled. If a player answers incorrectly, the amount of points lost is the same amount of points they would have won as indicated on the Decreasing Points Timer.
  • Lose Full Points - Players will lose the full amount of points that the question was worth.
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