Herd Mentality OR Purrsonality Test

I received a request from a client to host Herd Mentality for their team. I didn’t know what it was until I You Tubed it, it took all of 20 seconds to realize this can be easily duplicates on Crowdpurr. Not the Pink Elephant part, which you get if you submit the lone answer to a question.

This would be a fun addition to the Crowdpurr line up. Instead of an elephant you get a cat, or a kitty shooting laser from it’s eyes. The players that submitted the most popular answer could hear a cat sound, a purr maybe, a roar? Wrong answers get a hiss.

Or a graphic for the right answers. You’re Purrfect. Good Purrformance. Or the Easter Egg, you’re rolling cats tonight!

Instead of points in the pasture, it’s something to do with a litter box. Maybe the most popular answer is a clean litter box, the unique answers are a stinky litter box.

Players could pick different cat avatars to represent themselves with graphics of cats moving happily into a fresh, clean box and of course a gif of kitties reluctantly moving to the dirty box.

New Year, new game. Amiright?
Jimmie G


Copy all. All good stuff. In 2022, we’ll definitely be working on layering in much more dynamic, immersive, fun elements to the experience. Loving all these suggestions. Stay tuned.

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