Wager question doesn’t remove points

If you wager points and choose the incorrect answer points are deducted.

If you wager points and do not answer the question at all, the wager points are not deducted.

Current Settings:
Settings → Trivia Format - > Lose Points When Incorrect: None

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Hi @trivia. Welcome to the community.

You’re correct. This is due to the current design of all non-answers not affecting the score/rankings. The player sees their answer as incorrect due to “running out of time” on their phone but there is no scoring penalty, regardless if you have Points Wagering or a Lose Points When Incorrect setting that should cause the player to lose points for an incorrect answer.

We’re working on correcting this so that a non-vote would trigger the appropriate Lose Points When Incorrect or Points Wager loss.


Hi Ross,
In relation to a non answered wagered questions losing one fifth of the total points value, will this be implemented?
I’m looking at the settings and it doesn’t seem to be an option…it only applies to non-wager questions…or does it work on wager non answers too?

Currently, a non-answer across all types of trivia questions results in not losing any points. It has to do with our internal design. We are going to fix this, but for now, a non-answer will not result in any loss of points.

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