Question timer in Crowd Controlled mode?

I’m new to Crowdpurr but have already selected it to use as part of our enablement effort at our SKO in January. One feature that really stands out is the Question Timer (in order to score down a question the longer it takes to answer). Unfortunately, I’m planning to put my experiences n Crowd Controlled mode in order to let my participants respond to each experience in their own time. Has there been any interest in enabling the Question Timer feature while in Crowd Controlled mode? Of course, if I’m misunderstanding the way these features work and you can suggest a workaround, I’m open to suggestions.

Hi @jay.hoffman,

Welcome to Crowdpurr!

Since the Crowd Controlled Mode is designed to allow participants to play completely at their own pace and choosing, the Question Timer is unavailable for this mode as this playback mode is meant to give your players as much time as they need to answer each question.

However, since you’re using the Crowd Controlled Mode to set up a “passive, on-demand” type of Trivia Game that allows players to respond on their own time, then you may actually be interested in setting the game under Fully Automatic Mode with Restart Experience Automatically enabled instead. You can find the Restart Experience Automatically setting on the same Playback & Timing tab and Automatic Restart Settings section, as displayed below.


This setup will create a looping experience so players can join it at any time and still answer all of the questions. You would then be able to use the Question Timer and enable the Decreasing Points Timer, which is also highly encouraged for combatting cheating versus the Crowd Controlled Mode with its Question Timer disabled.


Thanks so much for the suggestion, Jemma!

What was unclear to me on reading about Restart Experience was whether it precluded a participant from multiple attempts. The way it was described as intended for kiosk use made me believe it doesn’t.

Is there an existing example of a trivia that would be used in the way I’m proposing?

Here’s how I’m envisioning the flow as it applies to our SKO event:

Week -3: Experience #1
Week -2: Experience #2
Week -1: Experience #3
Day 1 AM: Review how we’re going to use it, review current leaderboard
Day 1 PM: Experience #4
Day 2 AM: Review Leaderboard
Day 2 Noon: Experience #5
Day 2 PM: Experience #6
Day 3 AM: Review Leaderboard
Day 3 Noon: Experience #7
Day 3 Close: Review Leaderboard, prizes

Ideally, I would like these experiences to feed up to the same leaderboard for an overall view, but I would also like to give prizes for the winners of each experience.

Any help or guidance you can provide on how to make this work, or what caveats I need to consider, would be greatly appreciated

Using Fully Automatic Mode with Restart Experience Automatically doesn’t allow players to play the same experience again. Their mobile device will show that they’ve “Finished” the trivia game once all the questions are answered. Of each experience.

Players can do things like reset their phone’s cache, use a different browser/device, etc. But if you require an email or phone number and they try to sign in again, they’ll need a different email and phone number to play again, otherwise it will say “This email/phone number has already been used to play this trivia game.”

Additionally, if you’re doing multiple trivia games and having their scores combine using Multi-Game Rankings, it’s even harder then to go and create a new account and play all the games over. Especially if you end the games when they’re over after each day. A user who honestly plays the games from Day 1 and keeps their same account will naturally earn more points over the duration of the event than someone who ditches their first account to try to make a new one. The new one cannot go back and play the old games. And the old account would be unaccessible at that point.

Your use-case sounds somewhat involved so you should probably set up a call with us. Reach out at We’ll be happy to go over your use-case.