[RELEASED] Countdown timer... but no auto start

I think a nifty feature would be to use the current countdown timer BUT… when it hits zero, the game doesn’t automatically start.

Quite often, we use the timer because it’s nice to show people when an event will begin and it looks real professional when it’s synched to the display on their phone. However, before we actually start trivia, we have a few explanations and announcements. Currently, we have to stop the timer with a few seconds remaining and while not a huge deal, if the host forgets or is busy, the first question will pop up on the screen before we are ready. Thinking a checkbox to avoid starting the game at zero would be handy.


This is good, you are spot on and I like this idea.

I like this, but you can easily cancel the timer with a few seconds left, then disable the timer, then start the trivia game when you’re ready.

With an easy work-around, this won’t be coming very soon unfortunately and frankly. We have a lot higher priority features (ahem, points wagering, ahem) in the works.


yeah, good point, easy stop close to the start time.
I would love to know if ‘pay as you play’ option, is coming to charge participants?

It’s not an immediate feature, but we’ll likely get into that in 2022. We have some exciting ideas planned.

I get that. That is what we used to do. However, we no longer use the countdown timer because, while it is easy, as you say, “easy” is a relative term.

It’s less easy when you are running an event, getting people logged in, making sure the mics are working, getting more people logged in, answering questions from the event host, reading sponsor names… etc.

I was just saying that a simple “do not start at 0” switch could take one less thing off the plate of the host at a critical time during the event.

All a moot point I guess because like I mentioned, we no longer use it simply because we are too busy right at the start of the event… and… even mooter, because it’s not a priority on your end. :slight_smile:

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I kno

This is a drastic response to your situation. BUT… it might be of value, so I’ll go ahead and yack it up. :wink:

Of course, my format is stream vs. live/in-person (although I would love to do that!). These tools that I use are common and relatively necessary for streaming, but I can see how they might help you if you want to invest the time.

If you carry your own computing rig around with you, consider using a broadcasting software like Streamlabs:OBS.

But wait, you say, we don’t stream…

Yes, but in essence, you DO “broadcast.” It’s just to the monitor(s)/projector(s) around the room.

So you can use the Projector screen as the “background” of your broadcast, but you can superimpose other stuff on top - like a countdown timer. Even better, if you want to insert ads or some kind of other material, you can use the broadcasting software to change “scenes.” Get something to run a macro (like Stream Deck) that manages your show, and you can program a “pre-game” slide show, that includes an overlaid countdown timer. If you want, you can even have a scene that shows your face from your local webcam on the screen as one of your “scenes” (for instance, to show off a great halloween costume way up at the front of the room).

The fact you aren’t streaming is somewhat irrelevant - this would simply let you take your video feed to another level.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


Yes, the free OBS is quite amazing and flexible if you take the time to learn it. It lets you do anything you want. And you could use it live in-person just as a “video desk” display type tool. YouTube is a great resource for learning it. I actually want to do a new Five Minute tutorial video on using it with Crowdpurr.

For our virtual shows, I use Wirecast and the giant streamdeck. Helps so much with switching sponsor logos, showing pics, playing sound clips and such.

I WAS using wirecast for the in-person shows but just switched to Qlab for the mac. You have to really plan ahead but I LOVE just hitting the “next” button and having my next cue, whatever that may be fire. We are just launching a theater show that is getting picked up by a bunch of casinos that involves trivia / stand up comedy / and a few other crazy things. Qlab helps but just having one button to push.

I just like the idea of the countdown timer on the screen matching what is on a users device. It’s certainly not a dealbreaker or a must-have. It’s just nice…but…NOT nice enough to use if the question is going to auto-start if I forget to stop the clock. :slight_smile:

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Good news, your Auto-Start When Countdown Ends feature request is now live! Released as part of our 3.8.5 maintenance update.

Some backstory - earlier I sort of said, “Eh, you can just cancel the countdown timer early, then turn off the timer, etc.” Well we started doing our own Crowdpurr Weekly Trivia Show (check our Instagram if you want to play and win up to $100 each week and see us rock our new live streaming - would appreciate a follow). It became immediately obvious this feature is needed. Because we like to have a long Countdown Timer too and within the first few weeks I didn’t stop the timer in enough time and it automatically started the game when it shouldn’t. It was a mess.

So yes @dandeibert this feature was super-needed. And now you have it! And you can skip any set timers now when starting an experience so you don’t have to unset them before starting the experience after the timer has run out. So cloning keeps your standard timers, etc. Check it out!

And go to crowd.live/thursday to play our $100 Trivia Night game. Sign up now and we’ll send you an email or SMS text notification before the game starts each week.

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