[SOLVED] Drag and Drop - Not displaying correct order


I will just tell my clients the correct order is on their phone.
we are finding it works as long as you dont alter ANYTHING other than the original - therefore we are not creating our own
but thanks for this Dan

I can confirm the behavior described. As a brand new user practicing for my first event tomorrow night, I was putting in time practicing and getting used to using the interface. Since I am a lifelong DJ, I chose this category to practice: “Drag & Drop Goes Pop” Published on April 3rd '23.

Since every question is a Drag & Drop, It didn’t take me long to discover this bug.

I came here to report, found the section for bugs, and saw this thread feeling comforted that this is a known problem.

Since this will be my first time to host a trivia night, I prefer to control the pace, therefore, I will not set the setting to " Start Question Automatically," Which is the setting that affected this behavior100% of the time in my tests.

I plan to create experiences from many different catagories, so I’ll just make sure to not choose a “Drag & Drop” question until this bug has been squashed.


I’m happy to report we’ve finally resolved this issue in our latest update.

Now, when Automatically Start Question is disabled and Hide Answers Before Question Starts is enabled, the Presentation View will properly sort the answer options into the correct order when enabling Show Correct Answers (C).

We also smoothed out a couple more rough edges:

Now if you’re testing (or playing a live game) and no votes are cast on a Drag & Drop Order question, when enabling Show Live Answer Results (A), no sorting or animation will occur on the answer options as there is no Top Voted Order. Before they would sort of randomly re-sort to an order that was not accurate.

Also, now when you’ve enabled Show Live Answer Results (A) and then Show Correct Answers (C) and then you disable Show Correct Answers (C), the answer options will correctly reorder back to the Top Voted Order. Previously they would stay in the correct order. And then if you disable Show Live Answer Results (A), the answers will reorder back to the original random order.

The various controls are much more predictable now and behave how they should. Thanks for all the feedback on this.


Awesome news @RossN Many thanks to the team!